10 Ways to Enjoy Melissa’s Potatoes

As the most popular vegetable in the United States, potatoes are the quintessential everyday food staple. Not only are they healthy and delicious, they’re also incredibly versatile and can accompany nearly any main dish.Whether you prefer them baked, mashed or fried, potatoes are truly one of the all-stars of the culinary world and are valued by everyone from the restaurant chef to the home cook. After all, potatoes yield some of the most revered recipes from warm, comforting gratins to traditional pierogis to simple oven-roasted fries.

The only real challenge is figuring out the best potato to use for your desired recipe. Starchy potatoes such as Russets are great for baking and frying because their high starch content allows them to fluff up beautifully. Waxy potatoes hold their shape well like our Baby Red Potatoes and are great for potato salads or roasted side dishes. From our bestselling Dutch Yellow Potatoes to multicolored Fingerling Potatoes, we offer over 20 different varieties of potatoes in our selection. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular ones.

Dutch Yellow Potatoes®

One of the creamiest, butteriest spuds you’ll ever taste, our DYPs® are the quintessential everyday potato. They can be recognized by their petite size and distinct yellowish-white skins. Their flavor is light and subtle, making them incredibly versatile for a wide variety of recipes.
Suggested Uses: Roast them with butter and herbs for a tasty, crispy-skinned side dish. Or mash them into creamy mashed potatoes, but leave the skin on for added flavor and nutrients!
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Baby Red Potatoes

The thin skin and eye-catching red hue of Baby Red Potatoes makes them a stand out among other potato varieties. Waxier than the DYPs®, these little spuds not only add color to any dish, once cooked, they also become slightly sweet in flavor.
Suggested Uses: Baby Red Potatoes have a waxy texture that hold up well against any cooking process, including boiling and are excellent in potato salads and stews. They can also be roasted with the skin on for a delicious, vibrant-looking side dish.

Baby Purple Potatoes

Don’t be fooled by the unusual purple hue of Baby Purple Potatoes. Their rich flavor is similar to that of Russet Potatoes with a creamy texture and distinct nuttiness. Once cut open, they reveal a gorgeous deep violet color, lending themselves to some of the prettiest side dishes.
Suggested Uses: Baby Purple Potatoes have a firm, moist flesh that retain their shape well during the cooking process. Toss them into salads and potato salads for a punch of color. They can also be roasted, steamed or baked.

Organic Fingerling Potato Medley

If you’re looking to make potatoes the star of the show, then look no further than our Organic Fingerling Potato Medley! This beautiful assortment may include Russian Banana, Ruby Crescent, Purple Peruvian, Rose Finn and French Fingerlings, depending on seasonality.
Suggested Uses: Fingerling Potatoes are delicious when roasted or pan-fried to help bring out their robust, nutty flavors. For a creative, colorful side dish, you can also split them in half, bake in the oven and serve as fries alongside dipping sauces.

Yukon Gold Potatoes sit in a basket at a local farmers market stYukon Gold Potatoes

A popular favorite for a variety of potato dishes, Yukon Gold Potatoes are characterized by their golden yellow flesh and incredibly rich, buttery flavor. They have a waxy, moist flesh with a medium starch content that holds up well during many different cooking processes.
Suggested Uses: Yukon Gold Potatoes make some of the most scrumptious comfort dishes. Scalloped potatoes, Hasselback potatoes, Potatoes Au Gratin are just a few of many ways to make the most out of these amazing spuds.

With the holidays in full swing, potatoes dishes are always a crowdpleaser and can be used in many easy recipes for entertaining. Most of our potatoes can be enjoyed all year round but are especially handy during the busy winter season. Here are 10 delicious things you can do with these wonderful spuds.

10 Ways to Enjoy Melissa’s Potatoes

What are your some of your favorite potato varieties? What sort of recipes do you like to make with them?

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