Cheesy Fennel Gratin

Every great winter tailgate has something hot and bubbly. Eating outdoors during the cold weather months requires something a little heartier and more robust than typically traditional tailgate fare like burgers and hot dogs. This is the perfect time to break out the soups, stews and casseroles. Casseroles make great game day food because they’re […]

Chickpea Curry Soup

It’s not a surprise that January is National Soup Month. With the holiday season over and the winter chill settling in, we’ll be heading towards other sources of comfort this time of the year. Is there anything more comforting than a bowl of hot soup on a brisk, cold day? We can’t think of many things. […]

Raw Citrus Salad

Summer may have come to an end, which means one thing we can all look forward to: citrus. Winter is actually peak citrus season but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of the sneak peek fall has to offer. In fact, we’re looking to sampling favorites such as blood oranges, kumquats and more in the […]

Winter Soups and Stews

Are you feeling that drop in temperature yet? As the winter chill sets in, we find ourselves craving comforting dishes. With winter officially here, it’s time to break out the slow cooker and stock pots. When it comes to keeping warm during this season, soups and stews do the job well. After all, a bowl […]

Pomegranate Tart

Although fall is now in full swing, let’s take a break from apple tarts and pumpkin pies for a second and talk about pomegranates instead. Pomegranates are one gorgeous fruit that once opened, reveal an array of glistening ruby seeds that are bursting with sweet, luscious juice. Eaten since ancient times, pomegranates have had great […]

10 Ways to Enjoy Melissa’s Squash

Fall and winter season is prime time for squash. Most of us are familiar with pumpkins and butternut squash, which are usually available at supermarkets. However, there are so many other delicious varieties out there worth checking out. Have you ever sampled the sweet, peppery flavor of a stuffed Acorn Squash? Or perhaps the sweet […]

Chicken and Corn Tamales

You never forget the first time you had tamales. Perhaps it was during Christmas at an annual family gathering. Or maybe you had your first taste at a friendly neighborhood tamale vendor during a festival. No matter where or when, everyone has a story to tell about tamales. Considered a Latin-based comfort food, tamales are […]