Red Chile Beef Tamales

It’s National Tamale Day this week! Tamales are such a delicious, wonderful treasure enjoyed by people all around the US and the world. Made with masa and stuffed with fillings like meats, vegetables, cheese and even fruits, they’re truly worth celebrating with their own national food day. After all, why not remind everyone just how […]

Spicy Pork Tamales

For many, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a plate of hot, steamy tamales at the dinner table. Gathering together to make tamales is a practice firmly rooted in Mexican and Latin American tradition. It’s a special time for socializing and reestablishing old bonds and new with family and friends and holds great meaning to many […]

Chicken and Corn Tamales

You never forget the first time you had tamales. Perhaps it was during Christmas at an annual family gathering. Or maybe you had your first taste at a friendly neighborhood tamale vendor during a festival. No matter where or when, everyone has a story to tell about tamales. Considered a Latin-based comfort food, tamales are […]