Hatch Chile Cornbread

It’s that time of the year again–Hatch Chile season! In less than a couple of weeks, we will be teaming up with local supermarkets in Southern California and all over the nation to distribute and roast these highly coveted chiles.¬†Because Hatch Chiles are only available for a short period of time in August and September, […]

Hatch Chile Recipe Roundup

As that time of the year draws closer, we find ourselves looking forward to another delicious¬†Hatch Chile season. In just a couple of short weeks, many supermarkets throughout the United States will transform into bonafide roasting pits. There, chile-heads and customers can gather at these stores to enjoy roasted Hatch Chiles, as well as sample […]

Hatch Chile Roasting Schedule

  ‘Tis the season to roast Hatch Chiles and it’s finally going to happen starting this week. We talked about Hatch Chiles last week in our Ingredient Spotlight post and now is the time you will able to taste them for yourself. Touted as the world’s best chile, Hatch chiles will be available for purchase […]