10 Ways to Enjoy Melissa’s Apples

October may be all about Halloween, autumn leaves and pumpkin spice but did you know there’s yet another thing about this month worth celebrating? Why, it’s National Apple Month! This month as well as the following autumnal months brings us many different apple varieties and is the perfect time to sample all the wonderful fruits […]

Ingredient Spotlight: Veggie Sweets

With outdoor grilling season in full swing, our Veggie Sweets Mini Peppers definitely deserve a spot on this week’s Ingredient Spotlight. These peppers are available year-round but we especially love them in the summertime where we usually take the party or gathering outside. You may recognize them first and foremost by their adorable, petite size […]

Roasted Lemon Garlic Chicken

If there’s one food holiday we can’t resist celebrating this April, it’s National Garlic Month! This time of the year, we’re commemorating all things pungent, sweet and spicy with the ultimate delicious vegetable bulb. Fragrant and flavorful, garlic is one necessary go-to ingredient found in most cuisines around the world. We can never get enough […]

Ingredient Spotlight: Figs

This week’s Ingredient Spotlight is our ode to one of this season’s most desirable fruits: figs. Throughout the centuries, the luxurious flavor and texture of figs are simply unrivaled by any other fruits. One of the world’s oldest cultivated fruits, figs yield an intense, honeyed sweetness and jammy quality that tastes best when they are […]

Ingredient Spotlight: Sumo Citrus

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our favorite citrus varieties–the Sumo citrus! The good news is that they will be arriving a little earlier than expected this season and with more yield than last year. Sumos have earned a reputation among fruit enthusiasts as one of nature’s citrus masterpieces. If you’re unfamiliar with […]

Ingredient Spotlight: Steamed Black Eyed Peas

With the holiday season fast approaching, the winter season is just around the corner. As we settle into the colder months, we often crave foods that are both warm and comforting such as thick, hearty soups and sweet, rich pastries. A great way to indulge and stay full during these months without adding inches to […]

Ingredient Spotlight: Hatch Chiles

There’s something about Hatch Chiles that always sends us into a feverish frenzy every time its season comes around. Unknown outside its home region back in the day, the Hatch chile has developed into a cult classic throughout Southern California today. Now known as one of the finest chiles in the world, the Hatch chiles […]