Baby Dutch Yellow® Potato Recipe Roundup

February is National Potato Lovers Month, so for those who love all things potato, this time of the year is for you. With infinite ways to enjoy them, it’s no wonder these spuds are one of the nation’s most popular vegetables, with Americans consuming over 17 million tons of potatoes each year. Though simple and unadorned in appearance, they are the true all-stars of the culinary world. Bake them, mash them, fry them and even bake them into desserts, what can you actually NOT do with potatoes? And with so many different varieties out there, from starchy, fluffy Russets to petite, multicolored Fingerlings to rich, buttery Yukon Golds, the sky is the limit when it comes to making the most of them in the kitchen.

But let’s take a moment to talk more about Baby Dutch Yellow® Potatoes, the real MVP of the specialty potato world. The creamiest, butteriest potato you’ll ever tasted, our bestselling Baby Dutch Yellow® Potatoes, also known as DYP’s® are the ultimate everyday potato. You can recognize them by their miniature size and light yellowish-white skins. Their flavor is light and subtle and their texture creamy yet waxy enough to hold their shape well during the cooking process. Delicious roasted with just a bit of olive oil and salt or steamed and tossed with butter, DYP’s® don’t require all the bells and whistles. In celebration of National Potato Lovers Month, we’ve decided to honor the foodie holiday with a roundup of our favorite Dutch Yellow® Potato recipes. We hope these foolproof, delectable recipes will inspire you to get your hands on these super spuds.
BlogPost_BabyDutchYellowPotatoRecipeRoundup_1Baby Dutch Yellow® Smashed Potatoes

When it comes to mashed potatoes, some like them creamy while some of them like them chunky. This recipe is for those who are all about the latter. Mashed potatoes are one of those quintessential comfort foods where everyone seems to have their own recipe. They sound easy enough to make, don’t they? However, it’s the little add-ins that take them to the next level. Sour cream, organic green onions and Melissa’s Organic Herb Grinders Garden Herb with Sea Salt give these mashed DYP’s® their marvelous flavor and texture.

Egg Potato SkilletDYP’s® Breakfast Skillet

Now, this recipe may sound easy enough but these aren’t your average breakfast potatoes. Dutch Yellow® Potatoes take things to a whole new level with their incredibly buttery flavor and creamy texture. With healthy green vegetables like our favorite peppery kale sprouts, what’s better way to kick off the day? Top the entire skillet off with a sunny side up egg and you have yourself a breakfast dish you’ll look forward to starting the morning with.


BlogPost_BabyDutchYellowPotatoRecipeRoundup_3Twice Fried DYP’s® Potato Salad

The only thing better than fried Dutch Yellow® Potatoes? Twice fried Dutch Yellow® Potatoes! Our bestselling buttery little spuds are first fried until golden brown, then smashed and then fried again. This makes the DYP’s® incredibly fork tender on the inside and irresistibly crispy on the outside. Mix them together with smokey, crunchy bacon bits and diced sweet pickles for a flavor explosion. Word of warning: this potato salad will probably be highly requested at any future parties and gatherings.

Homemade Cheesey Scalloped PotatoesDYP’s® Kugel Gratin

This recipe is a mix of the traditional and modern with our own potato kugel gratin, made with our signature Dutch Yellow® Potatoes. The dish features smooth, buttery DYPs® and matzo meal baked with an exquisitely luscious cream sauce that’s flavored with fresh herbs. The result? A crispy, golden brown crust on the top with fluffy, buttery potatoes on the inside. Perfectly kosher for Jewish holidays or any other time of the year! Finished off with fresh bubbling melted cheese, this hearty and scrumptious dish is sure to make any family gathering a memorable one indeed.

BlogPost_BabyDutchYellowPotatoRecipeRoundup_5Baby Dutch Yellow® Potatoes w/Roasted Hatch Chile Vinaigrette 

Baby Dutch Yellow® Potatoes AND Hatch chiles? Yes, please! Hatch chiles are the stuff of legend–they’re only available for a short period of time each year! So if you’ve managed to get your hands on some from our Hatch Chile Roasts last year, you’re going to want to give this recipe a go. Simply take some frozen Hatch chiles, thaw them out, peel off the charred skin and incorporate them into this simple vinaigrette. Drizzle the vinaigrette over the roasted DYP’s® and enjoy as a scrumptious side dish.

Potato Rosti LunchPotato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon

Latkes are essentially crispy pancakes made of grated potatoes, flour and egg and often contain garlic, onions and other seasonings. The smell of freshly frying latkes in the kitchen is simply heavenly. Once cooked, they can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings from traditional applesauce or sour cream. Let’s take things a bit further this year with the addition of smoked salmon and a deliciously decadent dill sour cream. Russet potatoes are usually a favorite for making latkes because of their high starch content. However, don’t underestimate the power of Baby Dutch Yellow® Potatoes. And although they’re small in size, they hold their shape well during the cooking process, making them an excellent choice for frying until a crispy golden brown.

BlogPost_BabyDutchYellowPotatoRecipeRoundup_7DYP’s® Ponuts aka Donuts

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. Potatoes in donuts? Hear us out. Potato donuts share the moist density of the cake donut and the light fluffiness of a beignet donut. It’s pretty much the best of both worlds! The light, buttery flavor of Baby Dutch Yellow® Potatoes combined with a generous dusting of sweetened cinnamon sugar gives this recipe its rustic, old-fashioned kind of feel. When it comes to these potato donuts, the first bite is life changing. You’re never going to look at donuts quite the same again.

Fish SoupBouillabaisse with Dutch Yellow® Potatoes

Cold weather calls for something both hearty and robust and bouillabaisse is the first dish that comes to mind. This recipe for Bouillabaisse is our take on the famous French Provençal stew and is sure to make anyone look forward to Fish Fridays. A comforting array of fish, herbs and vegetables like DYP’s®, carrots and more, bouillabaisse is one of those timeless traditional recipes that truly soothe the soul and capture the essence of simple French cooking. Snapper, striped bass, cod and other fresh whitefish hold up best during the simmering process and make all difference in this dish.

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