Dodger Stadium Championship Series Eats with Melissa’s

2017 is sure to be one amazing year for the Dodgers as they take on the Houston Astros in the biggest baseball championship series of the year. After all, it’s been nearly three decades since the Dodgers last made it all the way into the World Series. The only thing that’s just as exciting is all the limited edition food featured at Dodger Stadium. The culinary team had been hard at work crafting up some special eats only available during the World Series. If you’re lucky enough to score a ticket into one of the four games played here, make sure to take the time to enjoy all of the unique creations throughout the stadium.

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In honor of the Dodgers making it into the series, the culinary team baked up a few special themed desserts that showcased the championship’s official logo. We have to say, as tasty as they looked, these were almost too pretty to eat!


If you have access to the Dodger’s Dugout Club, you’re in for an extraordinary treat. Known as the “best seat in Major League Baseball” according to USA Today, the Dugout Club is the ultimate VIP exclusive experience for Dodger fans. Fans can enjoy a complimentary full service buffet from Levy Restaurants, in-seat waiter/waitress service, concierge service, premium seating and much more. When it comes to giving members the best experience possible, the secret lies in its endless dining options.



The Dugout Club offers just about anything you could ask for in a high-end buffet.  There’s a carving station with plenty of choices of meats as well as other game day snacks like sliders, pastas and more. Of course, Levy Restaurants has not forgotten about providing healthy options with all of the best premium salads you can eat made with fresh produce from Melissa’s. In fact, for Game 1, we saw a Classic Caesar Salad, Spinach and Fennel Salad tossed with fresh raspberries, Gem Lettuce Salad and even Muffuletta Salad!



There was no shortage of ballpark worthy treats to be found inside the Dugout Club either. Cheetos or Flaming Hot Cheetos dusted corn on the cob elote, anyone? As one of this year’s biggest food crazes found around fairs, food festivals and more throughout the nation, these were definitely a hit. Or how about a classic chicken club slider stuffed with chopped bacon and topped off with fresh cherry tomatoes?


In honor of the upcoming Halloween, the Dugout Club’s dessert spread featured one of our signature Freaky Fruits, Dragon Fruit in this gorgeous panna cotta. This rich and creamy sweet treat combined with its subtly smooth tropical flavors was scary delicious!



We’d also like to give a shout out to Chef Marco Zapien, owner and Executive Chef of Zapien’s Salsa Grill & Taqueria  and Corporate Chef at Melissa’s. Chef Marco was hard at work throughout the series making sure all operations were running smoothly and even held a special demo inside the Dugout Club featuring Melissa’s seasonal fruit. There, members enjoyed a taste of our famous Cotton Candy Grapes as well as tropical dragon fruit.

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Elsewhere, there are also other special limited edition food specials available. We snacked on seasoned popcorn during the game and sampled specialty caramel apples. This one was loaded with crushed Oreos and could be found at the Trolley Dodger Treats on the Field Level at Section 46, the Marketplace on Loge Level at Section 137 and the Reserve Level at Section 5.



Whether you’re rooting for Houston or the Boys in Blue, competition between the rival teams is incredibly fierce and there’s no predicting who will come out victorious. The Dodgers took their first win in the series but the Astros unexpectedly came back in one of the wildest games in recent history with their first World Series win in franchise history. Until the very end, all we can do cheer on as we witness history in the making between the most exhilarating baseball face off of the year.

We at Melissa’s would like to give a big thank you to the chefs and culinary team at Dodger Stadium, Levy Restaurants, all staff members and fans who have made this all possible. It’s been an incredible season for us and the Dodgers and we look forward to another amazing one next year.

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