Labor Day Vegetarian Recipe Roundup

Labor Day Weekend marks the unofficial end of the summertime. Although it feels like summer only began a short time ago, it’s time to say goodbye and start talking about crisp autumn days and going back to school. However, that doesn’t mean you have to put the grill away just yet. What better way to celebrate the long weekend than with a proper sizzling summer sendoff? Labor Day always falls on the first Monday in September and commemorates the social and economic contributions American workers have made in strengthening the prosperity and well-being of the nation. Whether you’re planning to go all out with a massive cook-out or a small get-together with friends and family, planning the perfect end of summer menu just got easier.

While a typical Labor Day Weekend shindig is usually all about grilling, having some meatless options will be a breath of fresh air for your guests. Summer produce is still in abundance this time of the year with none as highly coveted as Hatch Chiles (Hatch Chile Recipes here) and Boiler Onions. These vegetarian recipes are sure to convince you to go beyond the basic burgers and hot dogs for your outdoor summer gathering. In this recipe roundup, we’ve got an amped up party classics such as Hatch Chile grilled cheese sandwiches, fresh veggie sweet salsa, grilled Mexican-style corn on the cob and much more!

BlogPost_LaborDayVegetarianRecipeRoundup_1Classic Hatch Chile Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Watch out, this is no ordinary grilled cheese sandwich. Smokey, spicy roasted Hatch chiles take this classic comfort food to new heights. What separates a great grilled cheese from an ordinary one starts with good, crusty sourdough bread and ends with melted, cheesy goodness. Hatch chiles help to add a whole new layer of flavor unlike any other and gives it that special kick. Better make a few extra sandwiches for your Labor Day Weekend gathering–these ones are sure to go fast!


Homemade Breaded Fried Avocado Fries

Baked Avocado Fries

While eating healthy isn’t exactly the top priority on Labor Day Weekend, we always like to make sure we have some alternatives to balance out our table spread. This year, there are some new fries in town and they’re made with fresh, succulent avocados. Breaded in panko breadcrumbs and baked in the oven to perfection, these Avocado Fries are crunchy on the outside and luscious on the inside–basically everything you can ask for in a party treat. These incredible crispy, buttery fries are best served with a side of cool, spicy mayo, aioli or ketchup for dipping.

BlogPost_LaborDayVegetarianRecipeRoundup_3Brown Butter Boiler Onions

Boiler onions. Brown butter. Tell us, does that or does that not sound like an amazing combination? When it comes to putting together a fantastic appetizer, sometimes simplicity is the way to go. Boiler onions impart a deliciously pungent flavor which is amplified simmering them with the sweet and savory browned butter and paprika. It’ll take a little patience as these petite onions caramelize in the skillet but the end result is well worth the wait! Serve them alongside a nice grilled steak, fish fillet or other vegetables.

BlogPost_LaborDayVegetarianRecipeRoundup_4Hatch Chile Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs, meet your new best friend, Hatch chiles. Deviled eggs are the perfect appetizer for parties and always a popular item for entertaining a crowd. Ever noticed how quickly they disappear at a gathering? Hard boiled eggs mashed with mayo, mustard, relish and a dash from our Hatch Chile Powder Shakers is all you need for this amped up party classic. The powder has the same scrumptious and unique heat and flavor as Hatch Chiles and is available in both mild and medium.


Panzanella salad with cubes of crusty bread and tomatoesPanzanella Salad

Since it’s still outdoor party season this month, celebrating Labor Day Weekend with a traditional Panzanella Salad sounds good to us. Panzanella is a classic Italian recipe that takes the fresh flavors of heirloom tomatoes and basil and combines it with hearty bread for a delicious summery picnic-style dish. The different colors of the heirloom tomatoes give this dish great color while the crusty bread soaks up all of its fresh juices and flavors.


BlogPost_LaborDayVegetarianRecipeRoundup_6Grilled Veggie Sweet Salsa

Veggie Sweets combined with sweet corn, Yellow Crookneck Squash and Organic Roma Tomatoes make for a lively party dish. It’s simple yet festive and incorporates plenty of this season’s best produce. Grilling the vegetables will help intensify their naturally delicious flavors and bring out an extra layer of sweetness. The ground Dried Oaxaca Chiles gives this salsa an unique kick of spice and heat. Serve alongside tortilla chips or sliced veggie sweet wedges for dipping. You could even serve this with with any tacos or burritos.

BlogPost_LaborDayVegetarianRecipeRoundupMexican Corn on the Cob

Few things can rival the tastiness of grilled corn on the cob. Classic Mexican street corn, also known as elote, is sure to make a splash at your Labor Day weekend BBQ. Fresh corn on the cob is grilled and then slathered in a buttery, creamy sauce, topped with plenty of crumbly cheese and Hatch chile powder and finished with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. This magical combination couldn’t be any more delicious and is truly the best way to finish off any outdoor summer BBQ party.

Peach and Blueberry CobblerPeach Blueberry Cobbler

However, summer really hasn’t ended until you’ve baked yourself a peach cobbler. Although equally as delicious, cobblers are made with a topping of biscuits and no crust in contrast to pie. The cobbler take on a gorgeously rustic appearance as the fresh fruit juices bubble up in the oven and their flavors deepen and transform. This is the ultimate summer dessert made with not only your favorite peaches but also blueberries which is then encased in a warm, fluffy golden-brown biscuit.


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