Savory Heirloom Tomato Pie

Savory Heirloom Tomato PieThis weekend, we made a delicious Heirloom Tomato Pie using Melissa’s fresh Heirloom Tomatoes. While these beautiful, vibrant fruits already make one gorgeous pie, the homemade Parmesan cheese crust takes it to the next level. This Italian-inspired pie crust boasts a savory, nutty flavor and incredibly flaky texture, which complements the natural sweetness of the heirloom tomatoes. It’s a little time consuming to make, but trust us, it’s well worth the patience!

BlogPost_SavoryHeirloomTomatoPie_1Tip: Use a stainless steel star shaped vegetable cutter to punch out the stems so none of the good parts of the tomato are wasted.BlogPost_SavoryHeirloomTomatoPie_2








What recipes do you like to make with heirloom tomatoes? Do you have a favorite variety of heirloom tomatoes? 

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