10 Ways to Enjoy Melissa’s Grapes


Let’s talk about grapes today. Petite, round berries gathered in edible clusters that are bursting with delicious, sweet juice, grapes are worthy of much celebration. Easy to eat out of hand and filled with nutrients, they’re touted as one of the world’s healthiest foods you can find. If you really think about it, where would we be without grapes today? From wine to jams to raisins, they are utilized in so many different ways. As one of the oldest cultivated fruits, grapes have a rich, abundant history that dates back to as early as 5,000 B.C.

These days, there are thousands of varieties of grapes and the list keeps on growing. And here are Melissa’s, we offer some of the most popular and delicious varieties you can find. In this blog post, we’re highlighting some of this season’s hottest grapes such as the beloved tri-color Muscato Grapes and the sweet-as-candy Cotton Candy Grapes. For even more mouthwatering varieties throughout the year, check out our entire Grapes selection. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these grapes or have any questions regarding them, please contact us at 800-588-0151 or hotline@melissas.com.

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Muscato Grapes

Sweeter than your average grapes, Muscato Grapes are hybrids of certain special varieties. They come in three different colors: black, red and green. If you prefer grapes with a softer texture and a pronounced sweet flavor, Black Muscato Grapes will be your pick. Their vibrant, deep coloring also makes them a gorgeous accompaniment to fruit and cheese platters. Red Muscato Grapes are a little firmer and offer a very high sugar content, making them incredibly refreshing to snack on out of hand. The firmest Muscato grape variety are the Green Muscato Grapes with a delightfully sweet, crunchy flesh.

Jelly Drops GrapesJelly Drop™ Grapes

A hybrid of the popular Thompson Seedless Grapes and Concord Grapes, Jelly Drop™Grapes are one of the most unique varieties you can find. These plump, thin-skinned and seedless table grapes truly have the best of both worlds: an aromatic, earthy flavor from the Concord Grape combined with the mellow, mild sweetness of the Thompson Seedless variety. These delicate, wine-colored gems make the perfect summer snack and also hold up well in sauce recipes.




Candy Sweet Grapes 2

Candy Sweets™ Grapes

The name, Candy Sweets™ Grapes, speaks for itself. One taste is all you need to skip your other desserts in favor of these delicious jewels. Named for their incredibly sweet taste, these amber-green colored grapes are small in size but big in flavor. Their firm, crunchy texture add a burst of sugary, juicy sweetness that’s a favorite among both kids and adults alike. Toss them into a lunchbox for a quick snack or serve with extra sharp cheeses as a flavor contrast.

Cotton Candy Grapes 2

Cotton Candy Grapes™

Yes, you heard that right. Grapes that taste like cotton candy are a result of eight years of breeding different wild grape species in California. And if you’re wondering whether or not they taste exactly like the confectionery fair favorite, the answer is yes. One bite of the grapes releases a kick of sugary cotton candy flavor that recedes into a perfectly balanced, mild sweetness. Their short season makes them a much coveted variety among grape lovers.

Champange Grapes 2Champagne Grapes

With their gorgeous, decorative appearance, Champagne Grapes are most popular as a dessert fruit or gourmet garnishes. Also known as Zante Currant and Black Corinth varieties, they’re seedless and delicately small in size at about the same length and width of a hand. Popular for their unique shape and sweet flavor, they can easily be eaten in clusters out of hand or used for enhancing an elegant cheese plate.


Grapes are often eaten on their own as a snack, but don’t discount their potential for delicious and healthy recipes. Their distinct sweetness and tartness makes them an incredibly versatile ingredient that holds up with in sauces, jams, desserts and even soups. Roasting grapes in the oven helps bring out their flavor intensity, which can hold up well in savory dishes. Not quite convinced yet? Here are our 10 scrumptious ways to enjoy Melissa’s grapes.



What are your favorite grapes to eat? Which one of our grape varieties do you want the most? 

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