Hatch Chile Recipe Roundup

As that time of the year draws closer, we find ourselves looking forward to another delicious Hatch Chile season. In just a couple of short weeks, many supermarkets throughout the United States will transform into bonafide roasting pits. There, chile-heads and customers can gather at these stores to enjoy roasted Hatch Chiles, as well as sample delightful new recipes featuring this beloved pepper. Because Hatch Chiles are only available for a short period of time in August and September, they’re typically purchased in bulk, roasted and then frozen for later use in recipes during the rest of the year. A firm-fleshed and meaty chile grown in the Mesilla Valley of New Mexico, Hatch Chiles reveal a succulent, juicy texture and zesty flavor once roasted.

It’s no secret why everyone is obsessed with Hatch Chiles. From their short season to their unique flavor that’s unparalleled by any other chile, Hatch Chiles make a great ingredient that’s exquisite in practically any recipe. No two Hatch Chiles are the same and their heat intensity can range from mild to medium to hot. Once roasted, their skin peels off easily and the flesh can be chopped up as toppings, blended into sauces or even baked in desserts. If your mouth isn’t watering already, check out our recipes you can use for enjoying them once you get your hands on these wonderful chiles. Also, for a delicious visual treat and more Hatch Chile ideas, check out our videos on Hatch Chile Chili, Hatch Chile GuacamoleHatch Chile Salsa and Ground Beef Tacos with Hatch Chiles.
BlogPost_HatchChileRecipeRoundup_1Hatch Chile Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

An elegant main course that’s festive enough for Sunday Supper, pork tenderloin is an easy way to shake things up from your typical chicken dinner. Although pork tenderloin looks a little more intimidating than pork chops, trust us, it’s quick and easy. Our recipe gets its Asian-fusion inspired twist from a sweet and savory teriyaki marinade and a Hatch Chile, Portobello mushroom and bell pepper stuffing. Roast the pork tenderloin for 40 minutes and you have a delicious, juicy and tender cut of meat that’ll earn a permanent spot in your Sunday dinner rotation.

BlogPost_HatchChileRecipeRoundup_2Baby DYPs® with Roasted Hatch Chile Vinaigrette

Crispy, roasted potatoes are a terrific side dish to practically any meal. They’re delicious during breakfast, lunch and dinner and can be served at both a casual meal or a special occasion. Taken from our Hatch Chile Cookbook, roasted potatoes and onions are tossed with a tangy and mildly spicy roasted Hatch Chile vinaigrette. If you’ve never had roasted potatoes like this before, this is soon going to become one of your oldies but goodies. For our potato recipes, we often use  Dutch Yellow Potatoes® for their smooth, buttery flavor and versatility.

BlogPost_HatchChileRecipeRoundup_3Bleu Cheese Hatch Chile Sliders

You’ve never had real burgers until you’ve had burgers with chiles in them. Perfect for grilling season, Bleu Cheese Hatch Chile Sliders are small burgers with huge flavor. Our take on this Southwestern favorite makes for an easy party crowd pleaser during grilling season. An unusual combination of flavors, Hatch Chile and tangy blue cheese is a delectable pairing that takes a typical burger from zero to a hundred in no time.


BlogPost_HatchChileRecipeRoundup_4Hatch Chile Grilled Quesadilla

Many of us grew up eating quesadillas. After all, what’s comfort food without gooey, melted cheese and crisp-edged tortillas? Like the beloved grilled cheese, quesadillas are also delicious with a variety of fillings such as pulled pork, tomatoes and even our favorite, chiles! The meaty flesh and mild to medium heat of Hatch Chiles makes them ideal for grilled quesadillas. If you’d like, you can finish the Hatch Chile quesadillas with a dollop of sour cream to counter the heat and add extra flavor.

BlogPost_HatchChileRecipeRoundup_5Shrimp Hatch Chile Jalapeño Poppers

The party just isn’t started until the jalapeño poppers arrive. The quintessential game day snack, jalapeño poppers are easy to make and are usually present as an appetizer. Easily to customize, you can stuff your poppers with just about anything including delicious smokey grilled shrimp, Hatch Chiles and melted cheese. Ten minutes in a hot oven with these fabulous little finger foods and you have yourself the jalapeño poppers of dreams.


BlogPost_HatchChileRecipeRoundup_6Quick Hatch Chile Salsa Fresca

Salsa Fresca, also known as Pico de Gallo, is a fresh and tasty side dish that adds zing to a wide variety of dishes, from chips to fish to even eggs. When it comes to putting together the perfect Salsa Fresca, freshness is key. Organic Roma Tomatoes, red onions and cilantro are all the essentials that make up a good salsa fresca. However, if you want to kick things up a further notch, add roasted Hatch Chiles to the mix. We guarantee that the flavors of your salsa fresca will sing like it never has before.

BlogPost_HatchChileRecipeRoundup_7Pretzel Bread Bites with Hatch Chile Mustard Spread

A little tangy, a little spicy, mustard dip is always a fun and versatile snack. There’s nothing like noshing on dip after school or while watching a game. Pretzels and mustard are a classic pairing and we’re taking things a little further by adding Hatch Chiles to the mix. Chewy and soft homemade pretzels get a makeover in baguette form for easy slicing and dipping. And delicious whole-grain mustard gets an extra hit of unforgettable flavor from Hatch Chiles and our New Mexico Hatch Chile Powder.

BlogPost_HatchChileRecipeRoundup_8Hatch Chile and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Hatch chiles? With ice cream? Now we’ve seen everything! If you’re a fan of sweet and spicy desserts, then you’ll fall head over heels for this one! An unlikely combination, Hatch Chiles bring on both heat and zest that complements the sugary sweetness you’d find in ice cream. Upon first taste of this ice cream, you get the cool creamy vanilla flavor that’s finished with that distinctive zing of roasted chile. Top it all off with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a hearty dollop of whipped cream and you have yourself the premiere dessert of Hatch Chile season.

Don’t miss out on this year’s Hatch Chile roasts. You can check out our Hatch Chile Roasting Schedule to stay up to date with which stores are roasting these chiles near you. Or if you prefer to roast your own Hatch Chiles at home, you may contact us at 800-588-0151 or hotline@melissas.com to purchase them.

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