Mother’s Day: Breakfast in Bed

breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed may sound cliche on Mother’s Day but it’s foolproof and is guaranteed to make Mom feel like royalty. Let’s take a trip back down memory lane when Mom would rouse you in time for a nutritious breakfast before sending you off to school. There was nothing like the smell of freshly made breakfast to welcome in the day. Now let’s reverse the roles and let Mom wake up to a tray of delicious homemade food specially prepared by her loved ones. The best part about breakfast in bed is there’s no need for Mom to get out of bed and get ready. She can just sit back, relax and enjoy a hearty breakfast made with lots of love.

Pulling off a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed is going to require some planning. Whether Mom prefers a light and healthy breakfast or a full, hearty meal with all the fixings, that’s up to you to decide the menu. To make things easier for you, we put together our list of irresistible, Mom-approved breakfast recipes. From a smokey, savory Eggs Benedict to a delightful dessert parfait, these recipes are sure to get her day off to the right start. A thoughtful card or fresh picked flowers to accompany her breakfast in bed adds the final touch to a lovely Mother’s Day surprise. Don’t forget to check out our other Mother’s Day ideas on our website!

BlogPost_MothersDayBreakfastInBed_1Eggs Benedict with Chipotle Hollandaise

Perfect for any special occasion whether it’s Mother’s Day, Easter Sunday or a birthday brunch, Eggs Benedict is truly a festive and decadent treat. Delicious poached eggs are layered on top of thick Canadian bacon, sharp Cheddar cheese and covered with a generous drizzle of a homemade smokey Chipotle Hollandaise sauce. This luxurious recipe is a dish worthy of a celebration and is a fancy way to treat mom to a delicious morning meal without stressing out in the kitchen.

Baby Dutch Greek PotatoesBlogPost_MothersDayBreakfastInBed_2

To go with the Eggs Benedict, we recommend serving a side of sautéed potatoes. After all, there’s nothing quite like dipping warm, lemony potatoes in the extra Hollandaise sauce. For this recipe, we use our Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes and toss them with oregano, organic lemon, and garlic to create this simple yet flavorful side dish. The result is tangy, savory potatoes with perfect brown, slightly crispy crusts on the outside and warm, fluffy insides.


BlogPost_MothersDayBreakfastInBed_3Strawberry and Pixie Tangerine Cinnamon Rolls

There’s something amazing about the smell of warm, cinnamon rolls right out of the oven. Comfort food often evokes fond memories of not only the food itself, but also the people associated with it. Most of the time, these people are our mothers and grandmothers. This year, turn the tables with these homemade cinnamon rolls, flavored with sweet dried strawberries and Ojai Pixie Tangerines in the filling. These sweet treats are topped with a glorious Ojai Pixie Tangerine buttercream and sprinkled with of course, cinnamon and brown sugar!

Quince Butter Filled Crepes w/Pixie Tangerine SauceBlogPost_MothersDayBreakfastInBed_4

Crepes are an easy and delicious way to show Mom how much you love her. These delightful French-style pancakes looks elegant and make an unforgettable breakfast. Pineapple Quince is well in season with a fresh apple and pear flavor and is used to make a delightful fruit butter filling with fresh vanilla beans and dried blueberries. And to make things extra easy when assembling, you can use our ready-to-use crepes. For a restaurant-worthy presentation, drizzle with one of our wonderful Dessert Sauces.

BlogPost_MothersDayBreakfastInBed_5Cran-Apple Cinnamon Bundt Cake

Yes, Mom can have cake for breakfast! This sweet, delectable bundt cake is reminiscent of the beloved coffee cake. Warm, baked Gala Apples give this dessert its rustic, comforting charm and a dusting of powdered sugar adds a finishing touch. Serve Mom a generous slice with a fresh cup of her favorite coffee at the end of the meal for a post-breakfast treat.



BlogPost_MothersDayBreakfastInBed_6Fruit Poached in Vanilla Syrup

Compote de Fruits is also known as fruits poached in a sugar syrup. For extra flavor and depth, we’ve added fresh vanilla beans. This dessert is simple to prepare in just a few easy steps and is a great treat for fruit lover moms. Soft, fleshy fruits work best for this kind of recipe such as Asian Pears, pears, apricots and peaches. It’s best to serve the Compote de Fruits chilled, so feel free to prepare this ahead of time.



BlogPost_MothersDayBreakfastInBed_7 Dessert Parfait with Toasted Oat Topping

Our Dessert Parfait is perfect for moms with a sweet tooth. Layers of vanilla ice cream, a handful of fresh berries such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries and homemade toasted oats complete this frozen dessert. Toasting oats are incredibly easy to do and tossed with brown sugar, salt and cinnamon gives it a wonderfully comforting flavor. Serve up this concoction at the end of the meal as a surprise.


BlogPost_MothersDayBreakfastInBed_8Iced Green Tea Dazzler

When it comes to serving refreshments for a Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed, keep things light and simple. An iced green tea is simple yet invigorating to help give Mom a boost of energy for the morning. However, this is no ordinary green tea. This green tea dazzler gets an extra punch of flavor with orange zest, orange juice and ginger and is finished with a little sparkling water. The result is a dazzling, bubbly libation that will keep Mom refreshed all morning long.


What are your plans for Mother’s Day? Share with us your favorite recipes or ideas on how you like to celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day!

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