Passover Recipe Roundup

Hot Homemade Matzo Ball Soup

Passover is in full swing and with the recent arrival of spring, we can look forward to a lovely week of family, celebration and of course, food! Each family celebrates Passover with their own traditions, but one thing they can all look forward to is the celebratory Passover Seder. The Passover Seder is a ritual feast that occurs during the beginning of Passover and involves storytelling, drinking wine, and eating symbolic foods. If you are in the middle of celebrating the Jewish holiday, you would have already had your Passover Seder. However, we have some scrumptious recipes to help get you through the rest of the holiday which lasts for seven days.

Coming up with a week’s worth of tasty kosher food can be quite the challenge. After all, the cuisine calls for those practicing to abstain from certain foods such as flour, pork, shellfish, leavening agents and the list goes on. The good news is that there are still many different possibilities for eating deliciously kosher all week. Check out some of our top picks here! For more Passover favorites such as Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls and Homemade Passover Noodles, take a look at our Passover Recipe page.

BlogPost_PassoverRecipeRoundup_1Beef Brisket

There’s nothing like a delicious beef brisket during Passover. As one of the most traditional kosher meat dishes served during Jewish holidays such as Passover and Rosh Hashanah, beef brisket is savory, comforting and always welcome at the dinner table. Although beef brisket has a reputation for being one of the tougher cuts of meat, our brisket is cooked low and slow until fork-tender, with all the wonderful flavors of our fresh vegetables and herbs. A simple flavoring from our Organic Grinders gives this hearty dish its rich, sumptuous flavor.

BlogPost_PassoverRecipes_2Braised Passover Short Ribs

While beef brisket is a traditional Passover protein staple, beef short ribs are an unconventional yet tasty way to change things up. Short ribs are always a crowd pleaser and is a worthy substitute for the main dish because of their extra flavor and tenderness. Our luscious beef short ribs uses similar seasonings as our beef brisket and braised with classic vegetable favorites such as organic carrots, organic celery, Italian parsley and much more.


BlogPost_PassoverRecipeRoundup_3Whole Roasted Chicken with Red, White and Blue Potatoes

There’s nothing like the scent of a freshly roasted chicken wafting in from a kitchen to put you in the great mood before dinnertime. Roasted chicken is a festive main dish and serving it with our colorful red, white and blue Gemstone Potatoes makes the perfect presentation. A simple Italian seasoning brings big flavor to the juicy chicken while its succulent juices help to roast the potatoes. This recipe is great for not only Passover, but for any special occasion where you want to impress your guests.

040115Wednesday_1Crispy Traditional Potato Pancakes

Latkes, also known as potato pancakes, are one of Passover’s most popular and loved Jewish essentials. After all, a Passover sedar just isn’t complete without this wonderful comfort food. Dutch Yellow Potatoes, scallions and onions are fried into golden, crispy perfection and served alongside a dollop of apple sauce and sour cream. In addition, our potato pancakes don’t include any flour and are a perfectly appropriate for Passover side dish.


BlogPost_PassoverRecipeRoundup_5Sautéed Green Beans and Peppers

Food served during Jewish holidays have a tendency to be robust and heavy. To counter the oily fried potatoes and rich beef brisket dishes,  try including a few simple vegetable side dishes such as our Sautéed Green Beans and Peppers. Passover usually occurs around the springtime, which is a great time to take advantage of all the wonderful vegetables. Our Veggie Sweet Mini Peppers add gorgeous, vibrant color to our crisp string beans, which are sautéed with lemon, butter and pine nuts.

Blogpost_PassoverRecipeRoundup_6New Age Passover Haroses

If you’ve never heard of haroses before, think of it as a Jewish cranberry sauce. Haroses is a mandatory staple at a seder and is essential to Passover as cranberry sauce is to Thanksgiving. Cooked with organic cranberries, dried mango slices, organic apples and sweet red wine, our New Age Passover Haroses is a traditional take on the fruity relish. This recipe can be eaten alongside matzo bread or as a tasty side dish to roast chicken or turkey.


BlogPost_PassoverRecipeRoundup_7Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

When it comes to dessert, Passover calls for flour-less treats. What does someone with a sweet tooth do during a time like this? Well, it turns out your dessert dilemma during Passover can easily be resolved with these light and airy Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons. Made with egg whites, vanilla beans and dried coconut chips, these macaroons get their finishing touch with a generous dip into semi-sweet chocolate. The result? Perfectly chewy and crispy cookies worthy of any holiday celebration.

Are you celebrating Passover this year? What are your favorite kosher recipes to eat during this holiday? 

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