March Madness Party Recipes

Soutwestern Santa Fe Soup

March Madness kicked off last Tuesday and continues to keep college basketball fans hyped with the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight rounds this week. For devoted basketball fans, things can get pretty intense with rivalries, drama and of course, competition.This just may be one of the best excuses of the year to reconnect with your college comrades to party and cheer on your alma mater. And if you’re looking to take the March Madness festivities from the sports bar to your own home, you’ll want to bring your A-game.

A good game deserves good food and we’ve got plenty of fresh, delicious takes on all your favorite game day favorites. From hot, savory chili to get the party started to mouthwatering burgers, these recipes are sure to score a slam dunk at your March Madness viewing party. Although you and your guests will be camped out on the couch most of the time, these recipes are quick and easy to prepare and won’t take you away from the television for too long.


Party Chili

A March Madness gathering just isn’t a party without our festive Party Chili. After all, there’s nothing like a big, steaming bowl of savory chili to get things fired up for game night. The special ingredient makes this regular chili into a party chili is our Steamed and Ready-to-Eat Six Bean Medley. Also complete with sweet Maui onions, bell peppers, beef and everyone’s favorite spices, this chili is taken to a whole new level with all the fixins’. Top with your favorite cheese and serve with a side of cornbread or tortilla chips for fellow basketball fans to share.



Grilled Vegetable Pizza

Whenever it’s game time, the grills come out. While burgers and hot dogs will always have a place on the grill, why not try something new this time? Take homemade pizzas to a whole new level by making individual grilled vegetable pizzas. Grilling vegetables are a great way to bring out their natural sweetness while infusing them with a smokey flavor. This is a great way to use up any leftover vegetables that you may have used for other recipes.



Chinese New Egg Rolls 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the best type of food for game nights are finger foods. They’re easy for sharing and grabbing when you’re on-the-go. Traditional Egg Rolls are one of the quintessential Chinese take-out menu items and bring something different to the table. If you’ve never made egg rolls before, trust us, it’s easier than it looks. This recipe designed by Chef Martin Yan himself is sure to be a crowd pleaser among guests.



Hatch Chile Quesadilla

We know Hatch chile season isn’t here yet, although we could dream about it until then. However, those who have leftover frozen hatch chiles from last year’s roast are in luck. With a smokey, earthy flavor and mild to spicy heat unlike any other, these Hatch Chile Quesadillas are sure to score a slam dunk with your party guests.  If you don’t have any Hatch Chiles on hand, Pasilla chiles and Anaheim chiles will work beautifully as well.


BlogPost_MarchMadnessPartyRecipes_5 Avocado Mango Salsa

Salsa is a must-have at game-time parties. Instead of buying a jar of pre-made salsa, why not go for something homemade? Fruity and tangy, our Avocado Mango Salsa is a tropical escape with vibrant colors and flavors. Sweet, juicy mangoes add a touch of brightness to the rich, creamy avocados. Serve this easy party recipe on top of grilled fish or alongside tortilla chips. While you can use organic mangoes, our Atafulo Mangoes are currently in season and are perfect for this recipe.

BlogPost_MarchMadnessPartyFood_6Baby Dutch Greek Potatoes

Simple, sautéed Dutch Yellow Potatoes get their Greek Flair from a simple garlic-lemon and oregano coating. Although fries are always welcome during game time, potatoes are such a versatile treat. This no-mess, no-fuss recipe is easier than standing over hot oil waiting for the potatoes to fry up. Perfect for not missing a thing and catching all the highlights of the game!


Triple Smoke 50/50 BurgerBlogPost_MarchMadnessPartyRecipes_7

You’d have to be mad to not include burgers in your March Madness menu. A quintessential game time food, burgers make the perfect excuse to break out the grill. Try your creative hand at a 50/50 burger this time around. Half beef, half ground Italian sausage makes this burger extra meaty and juicy. And instead of serving fries on the side, feel free to stack them as high you’d like. After all, there’s nothing like the satisfying combination of fries, grilled onions and bacon to get the party started.


BlogPost_MarchMadnessPartyRecipes_8Sizzling Shishito Peppers

Can you hear that sizzle? Everyone can enjoy popping roasted peppers into their mouths while watching the game. Shishito peppers make excellent peppers for roasting and reveal a mild to medium heat once sautéed. All you really need is soy sauce and lemon juice to take these peppers to a whole new level. Our sizzling shishito peppers make an excellent healthy snack that’s great for when you feel like taking a break from fried fare.


Will you be watching the games during March Madness? How have you organized your bracket? What are your favorite game time snacks?

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