The Big Game Recipe Roundup

Homemade Cheeseburger Sliders with Lettuce

In just a few weeks, American’s biggest football game of the year will take place and the best way to celebrate it is with the best foods. There’s nothing like The Big Game to bring together sports fans to share in a weekend of delicious food and great company. When it comes to throwing a great Big Game party, we know you want the good stuff. That means rich, savory meats and bold, vibrant flavors. Of course, ice cold beers and fruity margaritas don’t hurt either.

Although the Big Game is centered around football, it’s much more than that. It’s the time of the year to wow your friends and family with fabulous, memorable recipes. We’ve got 10 simple and delectable recipes that’s sure to score big during your Big Game party. Here are our twists on classic favorites that always seem to make an appearance during a game day party.

Slow-Cooked Stove-Top Pork RoastBlogPost_TheBigGameRecipeRoundup_1

What could be more fitting of the Big Game than a big slab of juicy, mouthwatering pulled pork? Don’t be intimidated by the thought of handling a large roast. This is cooked slowly over a stove top with plenty of chile peppers and spices and shredded to go perfectly with tacos, tostadas or sandwiches. Serve with fresh salsa, avocado, onions and lime juice to really bring out the flavor.



BlogPost_TheBigGameRecipeRoundup_2Surf and Turf Shish Kabobs

The Big Game is pretty much the best excuse to haul out the grill. And kabobs are always a crowd pleaser. This recipe is a fun take on surf and turf that makes it easy for guests to grab and go back to the game. Assemble the kabobs with your favorite meats such as beef or chicken and skewer with shrimp, onions, sweet mini bell peppers and baby heirloom cherry tomatoes.



BlogPost_TheBigGameRecipeRoundup_3Chile Relleno Casserole

Casseroles are great for parties or potlucks and can feed a lot of people at once. Chile Relleno is a tasty dish of roasted, stuffed peppers but we use Pasilla chiles for their smokey, earthy flavor in this recipe. To make this fun recipe, simply layer the chiles with cheeses, eggs and pico de gallo and bake in the oven. Top with slices of fresh jalapeños for garnish and a festive look.



BlogPost_TheBigGameRecipeRoundup_4Authentic but Mild Guacamole 

Excluding guacamole from a Game Day party should be a crime. Where there’s appetizers and small bites, there should always be guacamole. This traditional guacamole recipe hits the spot with a mild kick of spice from the Anaheim chiles. Serve with chips and you have a classic dish that will always be welcome at Big Game Day parties to come.




Party Chili

Our Party Chili is a vegetarian-friendly version of the beloved chili that’s always present at parties. Instead of ground beef, we use our Soy Taco, which is very similar to regular taco meat. Don’t worry. Meat eaters won’t be able to tell the difference in this tasty recipe. Besides soy taco, the other star ingredient that makes this chili a standout is our Steamed Six Bean Medley.


BlogPost_TheBigGameRecipeRoundup_6 Fresh Crudites with Chipotle Dip

Big Game party snacks have a tendency to be rich and heavy. Adding a few light and healthy dishes to the mix such as crudités can help offset other greasier options. Fresh, crunchy vegetables such as carrots, bell peppers, asparagus and more are subtly enhanced with an easy and creamy Chipotle dip.




Garlic Potato Wedges

You’ll want to have some form of potatoes at your Big Game party and these garlic potato wedges are sure to be a fan favorite. Organic Russet Potatoes are a popular choice for potatoes because they’re great for baking, frying and mashing. Besides potatoes, this recipe only calls for a few ingredients: garlic, parsley, oregano, salt and pepper. The rest is magic.


BlogPost_TheBigGameRecipeRoundup_8Grilled Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers 

When it comes to the Big Game Day, the best foods are finger foods. And there’s no better way to kick off a party than with Jalapeno poppers. Even those who aren’t fans of jalapenos won’t be able to resist the cheesy goodness of this recipe. Plus, bacon always makes everything better and turns these savory snacks from classic to epic.



BlogPost_TheBigGameRecipeRoundup_9Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes with Chile Key Lime Aioli 

You can never have too many potatoes on the day of the Big Game. Our Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes are a great ingredient to use in a variety of dishes such as this one. The creamy, buttery flavor of the potatoes pair well with the bright, vibrant flavors of a Chile Key Lime Aioli. Serve as a side dish to any burgers or grilled meats.



Roasted Poblano Mac ‘N’ CheeseBlogPost_TheBigGameRecipeRoundup_10

Mac ‘n’ cheese is comfort food at its finest. Hot melted cheese and creamy, buttery noodles–it doesn’t get better than that. Spice things up on the day of the Big Game by adding roasted poblanos, cheddar-jack cheese, gouda cheese and panko bread crumbs to the mix. The result? The touchdown of all Mac ‘n’ cheeses.



What will you be eating on the day of the Big Game? Do you see anything you’d like to try from our list? Which teams are you rooting for to make it to the final game?

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