World Vegetarian Day

still life with vegetables

World Vegetarian Day is the day to not only raise awareness to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle but to also encourage everyone to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. While we give a thumbs up to those who choose to go meatless, today is special because it kicks off the month of October as Vegetarian Awareness Month. Even if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan but is interested in the benefits a vegetable-friendly diet can do for you, this is the perfect time to try it out. A well-planned vegetarian diet can have multiple positive physical and mental effects such as lowered blood pressure, better heart health and an overall improved mood.

The holiday was coined by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977 as an annual way to promoting joy, compassion and the life-enhancing possibilities of a vegetarian lifestyle. And Vegetarian Awareness Month lasts throughout the month of October and closes with World Vegan Day on November 1st. If you’re up for it, you can always try out a 30-day challenge to see what changes a lifestyle change can do for you. And to help get you started, here are some delicious vegetarian-friendly recipes you can try.



How will you be celebrating World Vegetarian Day? What are your reasons for choosing a vegetarian diet? Or if you’re not yet one, what interests you about vegetarianism?

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