Plan a Party: The Big Game Day

Barbecue Buffalo Chicken Wings

Can you feel the excitement in the air? The first football games of the season began earlier this week, which means a full season of  watching exciting games, cheering on your favorite teams and of course, great eating! Whether you’re a football fanatic or can’t tell the difference between a wide receiver and a running back, there’s one thing we can agree on–the food! Sundays are not just about football, they’re also about gathering with your friends and family and sharing dishes that are both delicious and crowd-friendly. If you don’t know where to start with planning out a menu, this is a great place to start. We’ve also got some mouthwatering game-day recipes planned all the way up until The Big Game, so keep an eye out.

The Menu

Football games and finger foods go together like burgers and fries. And speaking of burgers, the mini-versions are just as great as their larger counterparts. Compact, satisfying and filled with plenty flavor, sliders make the perfect party food and are easy to assemble. Take advantage of their ease and fill it with unique toppings such as chiles and sauces. Hatch Chile season is still in full swing but not for long, so these Bleu Cheese Hatch Chile Sliders are the right way to kick off the first games of Football Sundays. And don’t limit yourself to just beef for your sliders. There’s plenty of other meat fillings that can work such as with pork or half beef and half pork. Those who are trying to limit their red meat intake will find these Turkey Burgers just as scrumptious.


Dips are also a full proof way to ensure your guests are happily fed. Whether you prefer crisp vegetables or crunchy tortilla chips, everyone seems to have their own version. Of course, we, as fellow foodies, believe in making the best of your produce. Fresh Crudites with Chipotle Dip is a healthy table side accompaniment everyone can appreciate. Serve this spicy, smokey and creamy chipotle dip with your favorite raw vegetables. Those who are feeling a little more ambitious will definitely appreciate the vibrant flavors found in our Seven Layer Dip. We tell you exactly the order to layer your toppings in to create a colorful medley of Latin inspired flavors.


And who can forget chili on game day? Chili is simple to make with plenty of go around. Those who want to get a head start on their party planning can make their chili a day before to be heated up the on the day of the party right before serving. Our Party Chili recipe is definitely sure to be a party in your mouth. Made with soy instead of meat, this dish is vegetarian-friendly but can also be made with ground beef or turkey for those who want a meatier chili.

Now that we’ve got food covered, what about drinks? Most would agree that nothing beats an ice cold beer on game day. For those who want alternative refreshments, cocktails such as Watermelon Margaritas pair well with the recipes we’ve named above. For people who want to keep things family friendly, the Family Pina Colada contains no alcohol but plenty of fresh flavor.

Party Planning Tips 

  • To make a Football Game party extra special, try to incorporate foods that represent the cities of whichever teams are playing during your viewing. For example, if the Eagles are playing, you can serve mini Philly Cheesesteaks.
  • You can include the team colors in your recipes to make your menu extra special.
  • Running out of drinks is never fun. Use a Drink Calculator to get an estimate of how much drinks you need to go around.
  • While you’ll have plenty of food at the party, stock up on sport classics such as peanuts and pretzels guests to snack on.

Do you have any special go-to recipes that you plan to serve on Football Sundays? Which team are you rooting for to win The Big Game this year?

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